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Foodservice Profit Solutions

4 Reasons Why You Need a Distribution Program Audit and Cost Assessment Report


Fred Favole and Ronald Bay not only complete professional distribution audits but they are also nationally recognized supply-chain experts working with foodservice chains to reduce costs and improve the purchasing process.

Fred managed purchasing and distribution for chain segment leaders like Burger King, Damon’s Grill and A & W Restaurants, before founding SPS.

Ron Bay is an experienced and talented foodservice executive having managed operations for both U.S. Food Service and Sysco. His knowledge of distributor pricing practices, product rebates, allowances and “hidden fees” is expertly applied to the demanding and detailed field of distributor audits.

Our basic audit service fee includes all travel expenses, plus an on-site or online presentation of results.

Select the “audit-plus” option and receive a detailed price assessment to discover where you are losing money from your top 100 item purchases.

The results of your one-time distributor audit or ongoing price compliance audit service can now be viewed online. Check out the SPS client log-in page to learn more about this unique, high-performance spend management tool.

Independent audits are now being scheduled for the Southeast, Midwest and Northeast. Why not start protecting your company from overcharges and higher product costs.

Not reading the fine print is costing your foodservice company money!

Reason #1: You are contractually entitled to audit prices to assure compliance. It's trust but verify when it comes to pricing. We have expertise in purchasing, contracting, freight, inventory valuation and knowledge of distributor practices – your in-house price checks will not uncover all pricing errors.

Reason #2: Improve spend visibility. An Independent basic audit empowers your program, operations and buying staff and calms franchisees. If you select our Audit-Plus option, we'll benchmark your top spend items and analyze your distribution agreement. Our database includes pricing from 35 chains operating in every segment of foodservice. You will receive a special report identifying cost-saving opportunities. Learn first hand how a fresh-eyes approach can be worth many times your investment in our service.

Reason #3: Chain operators simply don't examine all the pricing details during a standard in-house audit. You already know that your accounting firm does not understand food pricing categories like sheltered income, food show – no show deals, re-distribution costs, inventory valuation processes that add to your acquisition costs.

Reason #4: Major chains are re-thinking the purchasing supply-chain and evaluating buying services – you should too. Consultants are developing contracts and recommending strategies for foodservice operators. (NRN July 2010).

Should you decide you use upgrade your purchasing process, we will be ready to provide you with support in a wide-variety of services areas.